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Welcome to Our Blog!

Posted by Brian Agnew on Mon, May 23, 2011 @ 20:05 PM

Hello! Welcome to our blog and thank you for coming.  

This blog is place for us to communicate our thoughts and pass on observations that we see in the day to day work surrounding payor contracts and payor reimbursement.  

We come across a ton of good information as well that we think people need to know. 

We get many questions about how things are supposed to be done in this overly complicated process of being a network provider, so we thought we would share our knowledge with anyone who will listen.

We specialize in provider enrollment, contract underpayment, managed care contract negotiations, contract modeling, credentialing, and other payor related services.

So, if you are a provider or professional delivering healthcare services and deal with the payors, we think you will appreciate our insight.


Brian Agnew


Supero Healthcare Solutions

Brian Agnew is President of Supero Healthcare Solutions a leading practice management company focused on provider enrollment and credentialing services for physicians and other healthcare providers.


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